Turmeric and Ginger Inflammation Fighting and Immune Boosting Shot

Immunity Boosting and Inflammation Fighting Juice Shots

Ginger turmeric shots

“Chronic inflammation contributes to many common Western diseases. Curcumin can suppress many molecules known to play major roles in inflammation.”

Read more about the benefits of turmeric here: HealthLine’s Evidence-Based Benefits of Turmeric.

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I modified a recipe I found online at https://www.feastingathome.com/turmeric-golden-root-juice/

2 tablespoons sliced ginger root
3 tablespoon fresh turmeric root
6 medium organic carrots
1 lemon freshly squeezed

As will most recipes, you can use any quality fruit or veg you want to have access to, but organic is always a top choice at home. That’s one of the reasons I love my Misfits Market subscription! SAVE 25% OFF of your first box!