Hello, Fresh!

During the 2020 quarantine, I took advantage of using a few different meal kit delivery services. I loved that Green Chef has vegan and vegetarian meals full of healthy and organic ingredients. I’ll be reviewing them next month! It’s a little more expensive than Hello Fresh which I’ll be reviewing today, but you can get $55 off Green Chef if you sign up this month! If you are looking for a specialty diet (paleo, keto, vegan, vegetarian), you may want to check them out.

Hello Fresh is affordable and the recipes are relatively simple. You won’t find as many vegan and vegetarian dishes, but if you are a little seasoned in the plant-based lifestyle, you will have substitutes on hand to convert your vegetarian meals to plant-based. I always keep plant-based vegan sour cream, mayo, and eggs in stock at home!

Let’s dig in and look at one of my meals from my first week of January 2021 of Hello Fresh!!

First, I had Greek Goddess Blugar Bowls. This meal is particularly healthy are great for pain as it is packed full of chickpeas and bulgar wheat. Chickpeas help fight pain-causing inflammation as they are packed full of anti-oxidants and other anti-inflammatory compounds like protein and fiber. The fiber-rich bulgar wheat will also help fight inflammation and will also help with digestion.

You can pop over to Hello Fresh to check out the recipe. Normally, I omit cheese from my Hello Fresh meals, but I had a cheat meal and added the feta cheese. Feta contains a lot of calcium, protein, and has bacteria which promotes intestinal health in addition to having anti-inflammatory effects. You can also sub the dressing for the cucumber salad to something you have on hand. I really love the Skinny Girl dressings because they are sugar free, gluten free, fat free, and low carb, and they taste great!